About Us

About us

Icompplus Electronics was born as a proposal back in 2006 but it was not until 2016 where enthusiasm, effort and dedication were the keys to becoming a company.

We are a leading wholesale distributor of electronic components with extensive experience of more than 15 years in the sector.


We have facilities located in Madrid and Toledo with more than 44,000 references from major manufacturers.

The supply chain, together with its experience and thanks to clients in more than 50 countries, have made the company a global benchmark to be reckoned with.

Maintaining a constant commitment to quality, we are a certified company where the responsibilities and procedures carried out help us to deploy a high level of properties in the performance of each and every one of the services.

A philosophy oriented to sectors such as defense and navigation, aeronautics, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, industry and energy, radio and television broadcasting, instrumentation and consumer equipment...


We believe that people are the company's key asset, which is why we like to focus on talent, diversity and teamwork, elements that enhance professional advancement.


Our policy is to make the impossible possible, innovating at a high level and counting on positive profiles capable of achieving it.

Our Services

Supply Chain
The wide global network of certified suppliers allows us to offer the customer any electronic component that is not located in our store. With short delivery times and quality products.
Obsolete Components
We are specialized in locating and supplying obsolete electronic components.
Quality Control
All our products pass a prior quality control, which guarantees the functionality of the component. All supplied products are new and original.
You can request the datasheet of any electronic component that you find in our store, we will send it to you in less than 24H.
Stock Surplus Management
We buy and manage surplus stock. You can send us your list of surpluses or we can go to your facilities to assess them.
Product Images
Most of the images shown in our store are generic, you can ask us for a real image of the products.
Online Store
In our online store you will find a wide range of electronic components in stock, we have more than 44.000 references.

ISO 9001 & EN 9120

At Icompplus we develop our activity under strict quality criteria. We have the most advanced systems and the most qualified personnel to guarantee customer satisfaction and demands of clients.

For this reason we have ISO 9001 certification from the leading company SGS that documents the processes, procedures and responsibilities to achieve quality objectives and policies.

Based on seven principles, the ISO standard defines how our company complies with its customers:


It helps us develop and improve performance as well as demonstrate high levels of service quality.

It allows you to operate more efficiently, meet regulatory and statutory requirements, reach new markets and identify risks and know how to deal with them.

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Were We Are

We have warehouses in Madrid and Toledo and our headquarters are located in:

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