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Electronic Components Distributor

¿Why choose Icompplus Electronics? 

Distribution Network

Our close relationship acquired over the years with manufacturers, franchises and distributors, allows us to provide a quality and fast response to all our customers.


We have a database of more than 200,000 references, which makes it easier to locate most of the discontinued components.

Quality Control

All the supplied components pass a previous control. Highly qualified personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.

Excess Stock

: We offer a series of solutions to help manage stock surpluses that have a difficult exit for our clients.

Some of our customers
We work on the client's side to cover all your expectations and offer you the best of our services

Surplus Management 

      • We manage and buy surplus stock, after being checked by our quality department. 
      • Get the maximum appraisal for your inventory and get rid of your stock.
      • Put your inventory in the hands of professionals.
      • We put our platforms and experience at your disposal.
      • We offer customized plans to the client's needs. 
      • We deal with logistics and distribution, making our warehouses available to you. 
      • We move to your facilities. 
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Find your component


  • Global independent distributor of electronic components. 
  • With more than 200.000 references in our database.  
  • We support our clients through our highly qualified staff. 
  • With more than 15 years of experience and clients in more than 50 countries.
  • Icompplus has become a global benchmark in the distribution of electronic components. 
  • Express response and our relatively short delivery times.
  • Manufacturers, PCB assemblers, technicians, shops… Already trust us.


Our coverage includes any type of electronic component, especially active components. Answer in less than 24H.


We can locate any type of electronic component already discontinued, thanks to our extensive distribution network.


We offer a solution for those companies with excess production and material, we put our facilities at your disposal.

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